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Why Hyderabad Was Not Part Of India Even After Independence..?


Hyderabad was not a part of India in the year 1947 when the entire country was declared as an independent nation. Yes, it is right. The city was still under the Nizam’s rule and was considered as a princely state until the Indian Army intervened almost 13 months after independence. The massacre took place a year after the independence of country when Hyderabad state was in the heart of India. Hyderabad was one of the 500 princely states that had enjoyed autonomy under British colonial rule. Indian leaders wanted Hyderabad to join Indian Union, but Muslim Nizams or prince of this state refused and insisted on remaining independent. The operation which was started in India to merge Hyderabad into Indian Union, was named as ‘Operation Polo’.

After an acrimonious stand-off between Delhi and Hyderabad, the government finally lost patience. As the armed wing of Hyderabad’s most powerful Muslim political party, was terrorizing the Hindu villagers, Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru took a strong action. In September 1948, the Indian Army invaded Hyderabad. Nizam’s forces were defeated after this invasion. But there was a word that reached Delhi that there was a massive looting, murder and rape of Muslims after the invasion. This was followed by various investigations by Nehru and other investigating team. Though it was only a five-day war that began in September 13 and lasted till September 18, it was significant as the Indian Army took over a powerful state and Hyderabad was attached to India.


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