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Tulunadu : Tulu Culture, Language and it’s importance



Tulunadu is a region situated in Southwestern coast of India. It is also called as Parashurama Srishti. Tulunadu covers the area of present Uttara Kannada, Udupi, Mangalore districts of Karnataka and Kasargod district of kerala States. According to Mythology this area is reclaimed by Lord Parashurama who is the 6th avatar of Vishnu by throwing his axe into the Arabian sea. The water receded as far as axe reached. Land rose from sea is not suitable for habitation and filled with salt. So Parashurama invoked Vasuki(King of Snakes) into this area. Then Vasuki converted the soil for habitation by spatting holy poison on the land. In return to this Parashurama appointed Vasuki and all Snaked as Protectors of this land. That is why Nagarajas are considered as Gods here.

Importance of Tulu Languauge
• Tulu is Primarly spoken language in area of Tulunadu.
• Tulu is one of the Ancient Dravidian language which has it’s own Script with the history thousands of
• Various inscriptions of Tulu Script are found in Ananthapura and Barkuru areas of Tulunadu.
• The oldest agamas of Shaivas was composed in Sanskrit and written in Tulu Script in the 18th Century.
• The Manuscripts written in Tulu are also found in the areas Dharmasthala,Ramachandrapura Matha of hosnagar,
shimoga, sirsi and the Astha Mathas of Udupi.
• Many Manuscripts written in Tulu were found in Temples and Brahmin households all over Tulunadu.
• Sri Bhagavato, Kaveri, Devi mahatyam from 17th Century were also written in Tulu.

Some Important Points related to Tulunadu
• Tuluva Dynasty played a key role in saving entire South India from Islamic invasion and rejuvenation of
Hindu dharma.
• Sri Krishna Devaraya who ruled the Vijayanagara Kingdom was a Tuluva.
• The 12th Century Dvaitha and Philosopher Sri MadhvaCharya who built Shri Krishna Mutt of Udupi was also a
Tuluva and 8 Mutts established by him used Tulu scripts in them.
• Surya Chandra is the Symbol Tulunadu.
• Tulunadu is land of Temples, Culture, Traditions and Festivals.
• Tulunadu is covered by Western ghats and Arabian Sea.
• Tuluvas are nature worshippers and they consider PanchaBhuthas as Daivas.
• Yakshagana is famous classical theatre in Tulunadu, which includes Divine Stories, Beautiful Makeup, Good
music, Breathtaking Costumes and especially long dialogues.
• Tulu Calender is one of the Oldest Traditonal Solar Caleders.
• The Tulu year starts from Bishu Festival.
• Worshipping Nagas is an important religious ritual in Tulunadu.
• Naga Devatha is worshipped before commencement of any festivals.
• Tambilla is performed on festivals like Naga Panchami and Shasti to Lord Nagaraja in which they offer
• Naga Mandala, Ashlesha bali, Sarpa samskaram, Naga tambala are important rituals related to Naga Aradhana.
• Kukke Subramanya swamy Temple and Kudupu Anantha padmanabha Temples are famous for worshipping Nagas.
• Kambula the famous Bull race of Tulunadu is preserving it’s great cultural heritage and glory.
• Pilli Nalike (Tiger Dance) is performed on special ocassions like KrishnaJanmastami and Navaratri.

Tuluva Cuisine
– Dosa which is popular south indian breakfast was originated from Udupi town of Tulunadu region.
– Ambade
– Goli bhaje
– Mangalore buns
– Pathrode
– Neer dosa
– Semya dadde
– Kori rotti and Tuluva sea food is much more famous.

Photo Gallery Representing Tulunadu


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