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TITA to address social issues through short films


Hyderabad: Techies, who have made their mainstream profession in multinational IT giants, have also been passionate about short films. Not restricting their passion and talent in making such films as mere hobbies, they have a desire to bring a larger and tangible social change through them.

One among the growing social issue has been Drunken Drive, which has resulted in several untimely deaths of those with productive lives. To bring attention on this growing concern, techies have come out short films that aim to awaken the society to take steps to avoid this situation. TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala appreciated the efforts of techies that will bring the needed societal change. Led by Varun Arla, the techies are going to bring out several short films on other burning issues of society.

To reduce and erase the incidence of Drunken Drive, the Hyderabad Police has decided to take the short film route to increase the awareness on the issue. The department has come out with an ‘Accident-free Telangana’ campaign. The Police officials worked with the techies to come out with informative and impactful short film on Drunken Drive aspect. The short film presents the agony of drivers who lost their families and the State of their life post that incident, to sensitize people on the matter.

The short film has received the appreciation of the Director General of Police (DGP) of Telangana, who tweeted from his official Twitter account. The short film has also been uploaded on the Telangana State Police’s Facebook page. Those who acted in the short film are all techies.

Varun Arla who led the making of the short film, said, he and his team are passionate of making short films, which are a great means to spread a social message that not only will bring in awareness on Drunken Drive but will also save lives in the process. And more such short films will be made in future on several other social issues and themes.

TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala has enabled to bring the short film for bringing societal change. He said the association wanted to blend the ability of techies to make message oriented short films to address social issues that need immediate attention. In future, films will be made on aspects such as digital literacy and the need for start-ups. He appreciated the efforts of techies to come forward for playing their role in making a difference in society through their short films.


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