Home breaking news Telangana Ranks First In Cyber Crimes says NCRB 2021 Reports

Telangana Ranks First In Cyber Crimes says NCRB 2021 Reports


Telangana ranked first in the country in cybercrime cases compared to other states and Union Territories in 2021. According to the report released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on Sunday, Telangana was the only state to have more than 10,000 cyber crime cases compared to other states. For the second time, Telangana had witnessed an increase in cybercrime cases. In 2020, the state saw an 86% rise in cases compared to 2019. A majority of cyber crimes were related to fraud involving communication devices as a medium.

Coming to economic offences the state stood second behind Rajasthan. Telangana stands eighth in the country in the category of crimes against women. The state saw a 17% rise in 2021. Out of 20865 cases related to crimes against women, 45% of them were pertaining to cruelty by husbands.Telangana stood in 12th position in the category of rape cases. A total of 823 rape cases were reported in the state. One more thing to add is that Telangana ranked third in crimes against senior citizens with a 21% increase in cases compared to 2020.


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