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SRSP stabilized seven lakh acres: CM


Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao today informed the House that SRSP Flood Flow Canal was turned successfully into a reservoir. He said that SRSP has stabilized seven lakh acres under its ayacut.

Replying to the questions of the members during question hour in the Assembly, the Chief Minister said the idea of giving Kaleshwaram waters to SRSP was true by taking up works in a speedy manner. The KLIS waters are now reaching the SRSP and enabling farmers to irrigate the ayacut in the area, he informed.

“We have waters where Godavari and Pranahitha join. There will be no problem if we fill Singur, Nizamsagar and Sriram Sagar with abundant waters. The SRSP flood flow canal is like a manmade river which has so far stabilized seven lakh acres of old ayacut”, he said. He also said Kaleshwaram project gets 40 tmc waters in November and significant increase in rainfall is filling the water bodies.

He also said the waters have reached the village of CPI leader Chada Venkat Reddy, who thanked the State government. The Chief Minister announced irrigation of two lakh acres under Tummidihatti project. A total of 44 lakh acres will be brought under irrigation under KLIS, he informed.

The Mallanasagar reservoir, part of the mega Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme, will be developed as a tourism destination, the CM said. the governments of the past had ignored SRSP. But with water from Kaleshwaram project reaching SRSP and the brilliant idea by the late irrigation expert Vidyasagar Rao to use the SRSP flood flow canal also as a reservoir means not only assured irrigation to the seven lakh acres of SRSP ayacut, but also to additional ayacut when other components of the Kaleshwaram project are ready, he said.

Already, 36 off-take sluices on the canal are helping in filling tanks in the villages that the canal runs through, he said. Mentioning the successful trial runs of five pumps at Nandi and six at Gayatri pumphouses, he said according to meteorologists, there could be further rains in the next fortnight. “For now, we have stopped pumping and saving on power as the natural flows are on account of rains. But once the rains stop, KLIS can supply water. One TMCFt of water has already been supplied to Lower and Mid-Manair ayacuts,” he said. He also said that the Government, through the Kulti project, will stabilize the Kadem project and will be taking up the Tummidihatti barrage works soon to irrigate two lakh acres in Asifabad and Mancherial districts. 


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