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Seven-member highway robbery gang busted


Hyderabad: In a joint operation, the Cyberabad police personnel along with their Shadnagar counterparts on Wednesday busted an inter-State criminal gang from Maharashtra and arrested all the seven gangsters involved in highway robbery that occurred on June 28 at 10.30 pm at Dashmesh Dhaba under Shadnagar police limits and recovered Rs 2.89 crore cash, gold ornaments and a car from the criminals. 

Addressing the media here, Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar said gang leader Mayuresh Manohar, along with his associates, robbed his employer of Rs 3.6 crore by threatening him with a toy pistol. Following a complaint, the Shadnagar police registered a case and took up investigation along with the Cyberabad Police Special Operations Team.

The accused were identified as Bhosle Vishwajeet Chandrakanth, 21, of Mangalwarpet, Karad, SataraDistrict, Maharashtra State; Mayuresh Manohar Pisal, 22, of Bhiwandi; Sujatha Ramesh Ghare, 35, of Thane West, Mumbai; Akash Kamble, 23, of Budhawarpet, Karad, SataraDist; Sunny Chavan, 21, of Guruwarpet, Karad, Satara District; Akash Deepak Rathode, 20, slum-dweller in Manorama Nagar,Thane West, Mumbai and Sunitha Chandrakanth Bhosle, 39, of Mangalwarpet, Karad town, SataraDistrict in Maharastra State.

The accused met about three months back and planned to intercept the car of Raju Nangre on the way between Mumbai and Kerala or Hyderabad and Kerala and steal cash from the car and will share the booty.

Accordingly, all the seven accused met at Dashmesh Dhaba, near Raikal Toll Plaza, Shadnagar on June 21. Prime suspect Vishwajeet purchased a cigar lighter, which resembles as pistol at a Stationery Shop near Thane Railway Station for Rs 1,000 in order to threaten the drivers of the car to rob the cash. He also formed a gang with his associates and came to Hyderabad in a private travel bus and lorry and accommodated in NH-44 Hotel and Lodge near Raikal Toll Plaza Shadnagar and were waiting for the vehicle of Raju Nangre carrying cash from Hyderabad to Kerala State. As pre-planned, the accused intercepted the vehicle and forcibly sat into the vehicle by threatening the drivers of the vehicle with Cigar Lighter resembled as Pistol and took the car towards Balanagar and stopped it after some distance near Bhoorgula crossroads where they threatened the drivers and evicted them  drivers and took from the car and robbed the car along with Net Cash of Rs 3,67,17,850/-. After committing the offence they all went to the house of A1 Vishwajith in Karad Town, opened the secret lockers in cavities fixed under front chairs of the car, took the Net Cash of Rs 3,67,17,850/- and shared the cash among themselves. Further accused A7 Sunitha mother of A1 Vishwajith assisted A1 Vishwajith in concealing the stolen net cash which came to their share in her house.

The hard work done by the team of SOT Cyberabad and Shadnagar Division Police under the leadership of N. Prakash Reddy, IPS, DCP Shamshabad and M. Dayananda Reddy, ADCP SOT, Cyberabd in apprehension of Interstate Highway Robbery Gang and in recovery of stolen cash of Rs 2,89,33,800, Gold ornaments weighing 350 Grms and One Maruti Breeza Car Br. No: KA 25 MB 3869 is highly appreciable and their good work will be suitably rewarded.


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