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Rhea Kapoor interacts with YFLO members


Hyderabad: Young FICCI Ladies Organisation (YFLO), today organised an interactive session with Rhea Kapoor, well known Stylist, Producer, Enterpreneur, Social Media Influencer,  for their members here in the city.  She was in coversation with  Malliha Fatima

       Welcoming the gathering,  Shilpa Datla, Chairperson of Young FICCI Ladies Organisation (YFLO) said we  women play many roles, and she was just thinking how we do so many roles and become a multi-faceted personality.

     Rhea Kapoor said she is Anil Kapoor’s daughter, but she  must earn respect on her own. ‘I was lucky because of the family; I could become a producer at the age of 21. Luck has played a huge role in my life and success. Otherwise it is not possible for fir the 21 years old to produce a movie”, Rhea shared.

      Speaking about Leadership qualities, she said, when I was young I used to practice forget and forgive. But, now as 32 years old, I don’t do that. If somebody is bad to me or to the company we have no business to work with him. I was over nice to everybody, but not any longer now, she confessed.

        The advice she gave to youth who aspire to become an actor or actress and get into acting, she said it is tough. For a billion population, there are few hundred film stars. It is very tough to become a film star in that competition. If you are still interested then get yourself admitted in a tough acting school, go through tough training regime and if your are still interested then pursue that career, she advised.

       Over 150 YFLO(Young FICCI Ladies Organisation) members attended the session.


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