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Protesters caned near Tank bund, many hurt


Hyderabad: The “Chalo Tank Bund” protest call given by RTC JAC unions with the support of all Opposition parties on the 36th day of the strike, turned violent as some of the protesters, including women, were injured in lathicharge near Tank Bund. 

            The Tank Bund turned out to be a battle ground as angry RTC workers shouted slogans against Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao for forcing the strike and failure of the talks. They protested against lathi-charge using foul language against the police and officials and the government on the RTC row. 

            The police did not spare even the media persons and caned the angry protesters and tried to disperse them. At the Liberty area, the police invited wrath of people when they wounded a worker of Jani Hotel, who was not related to the RTC protests.  There were reports that the police chased away workers and local people near the Liberty,  Domalguda, Himayat Nagar and adjoining Tank bund areas. 

            Literally Tank Bund area turned out to be a battle ground as huge number of RTC workers,  their family members,  peoples organizations, student leaders and those of various political parties joined the protest. They dared the police and tried to move ahead by crossing barricades, barbs and a large number of policemen. They also jostled with the  police personnel for preventing them to move towards Tank Bund for the big protest by RTC JAC.

            The RTC workers came for Million March as part of the JAC call against the government for not resolving the 36th day long strike for merger and other demands. The police arrested leaders at various places, including V Hanmanth Rao of Congress,  Lakshman of the BJP, CPM’s Thammineni  Veerabhadram,  TJS chief Kodandaram,  Vimalakka and  others. 

The Telangana police, who are making attempts to bring tense situation at Tank Bund under control, arrested RTC JAC convener Ashwathama Reddy at the Liberty crossroads. The police also arrested BJP MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar and shifted them to the nearby police station. They also used tear gas to chase away the people, who rushed towards Tank Bund. Police had taken into preventive custody some 2,000 people who gave an open call for ‘Chalo Tank Bund’.

Police have denied granting permission for ‘Chalo Tank Bund’ keeping in view the inconvenience that will be generated due to this movement. They provided three layered security at Tank Bund to stop the agitating TSRTC employees from protesting at Tank Bund. But the agitating TSRTC employees enters into the Tank Bund premises by removing the barricades.

High tension prevails on the tank bund when some 50 RTC employees rushed towards tank bund after breaking the police barricades. Police arrested all of them. TSRTC JAC union and employees have been holding protests all over the State. The RTC` employees expressed their anger towards KCR government for not paying salaries for past two months.

Aruna put under house arrest in Jubilee Hills residence

Hyderabad: BJP leader and former minister DK Aruna was put under house arrest by the police today at her Jubilee Hills residence here. The arrest of Aruna was made to prevent her from joining the Chalo tank bund protest by RTC  JAC in support of 36th day long strike. 

            Talking to the media, Aruna lashed out at Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao for offering dictatorial rule and using police force against striking RTC workers. The TRS government used police force as it afraid of people’s revolt and workers protest against their rights, she said, adding that the arrests will not prevent the million March like protests. 

            The RTC JAC Million March protest by huge number of workers and their families on Tank Bund was a huge success, she added. 


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