Home breaking news People trust Govt Hospitals: Rajender

People trust Govt Hospitals: Rajender

Health minister E Rajender

Hyderabad: Health minister E Rajender today said that people have a lot of trust on the government hospitals. He told press persons at Khammam that the state government has provided all faciliteis, medicines, staff and doctors in all hospitals. There is no need of panic of dengue and viral fevers and people should maintain cleanliness at their homes and premises he said. The minister said that 400 bed hospital in Khammam witnesses about 600 in patients and about 1500 out patients everyday and availing health services. The TRS Government has taken all measures and ensuring the people avail the best medical and health care services, he claimed.

Rajender said that it was decided to set up medical colleges at Khammam, Karimnagar and Mancherial districts. Since all fevers are not essentially dengue or viral one, the people have to avoid pain or tension he said. Our hospitals are getting modern equipment and facilities he added. The minister said that modern technology is being used to make blood tests for 200 persons at a time. 


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