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PD Act Invoked Against Two Notorious Property Offenders

Two Notorious Property Offenders arrested

Hyderabad:  In an ongoing drive against repeated offenders in the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate,  V. C. Sajjanar, Commissioner of Police, has invoked the Detention order under the P.D Act as “Goonda” against  two notorious property offenders.
They are Dusmukku Dasthagiri  (19),  Centering work, R/o  Borabanda; and M. Shiva Kumar( 19) Occ. Catering work,  R/o Ananthaiah Basthi, Borabanda
The accused are friends. They used to move on two wheeler vehicle in the limits of KPHB Colony, Madhapur, Bachupally and Narsingi Police Station during day and night hours and target the public wearing gold ornaments especially women who walk alone on roads, women sweeping in-front of their houses in the early hours and also women in shops. While the accused Shiva Kumar waits on vehicle in Engine-on mode, Dasthagiri used to go near the victims and snatch their gold chains and mobile phones forcibly. They also used to move in the colonies and commit theft of motorcycles parked in front of the houses with the help of duplicate keys.       
Dasthagiri has committed as many as ten property offences, and Shiva Kumar six property offences in the year 2019.  They were arrested by the KPHB Police on May 3, 2019 and remanded to judicial custody. As their acts are considered prejudicial to the maintenance of public order unless they are kept out of the society for a considerable period by detaining them in the prison under Preventive Detention Act and also to prevent them from committing further such offences, in future.


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