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Pawan calls on ailing Harirama Jogaiah in hospital


Hyderabad: Janasena party president Pawan Kalyan today called on former MP Harirama Jogaiah in AIG hospital and wished him speedy recovery. The former MP was taking treatment for illness in the hospital. 
Addressing the media later, Pawan Kalyan said Harirama Jogaiah was a committed leader and his experience will be very useful to his party and gave suggestions, blessings during his poratayatra in Palakollu. Today also he discussed and gave suggestions to take the party further.

Pawan Kalyan announced that a film institute in the name S V Rangarao will be established by Janasena party in Pallakollu, Andhra Pradesh. The institute will be headed by Harirama Jogaiah, as he has experience as producer and it will run under the leadership of Raja Vanem Reddy and Bunny Vasu. The institute will be used to train the youth in Telugu States.
Speaking on the occasion, Harirama Jogaiah said he likes Chiranjeevi family very much and fan of Pawan Kalyan. He said he would serve Janasena party till his last breadth and asked the public to come forward in the leadership of Pawan Kalyan. Talking about the institute, he said the institute will have Raja Vanem Reddy as Principal and give training in direction and acting skills.


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