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Murder of Priyanka: Protests Erupt All Over—Demand Stringent Punishment to Criminals


Hyderabad: Shocked over the murder of the veterinarian Priyanka after being allegedly raped near Shamshabad, people in different parts of the two telugu states and the country held protest programmes, demanding stringent punishment to the perpetrators of the crime, and justice to the victim.

Different sections of people are expressing their anger and grief over Priyanka Reddy’s death on social media. Celebrities from all corners have also demanded harsh punishment for the criminals. Superstar Mahesh Babu made a personal appeal to the Central and State governments to implement strict laws and capital punishments to those involved in heinous crimes like this. He tweeted, “Day after day, month after month, year after year… NOTHING is changing. We are failing, as a society! Sending my personal appeal to the state & central governments. @KTRTRS @PMOIndia we need stricter laws, capital punishment for heinous crimes like these…”

Mahesh Babu also offered  condolences to the family members of the victim .He tweeted, “My heartfelt condolences to the families of the girl. Your pain is irreversible! Let’s come together to give justice to all the women and young girls of our country… Let’s make India safe!!

            Similarly, many people from different walks of life condemned the heinous crime and demanded deterrent punishment to the accused.

Residents Close Colony Gates Demanding Justice to Priyanka family

Shamshabad : The residents of Nakshatra Colony, Shamshabad,  where  the  murdered  veterinary doctor Priyanka’s family lived, closed the gates of the colony,  stating that they would not allow    political leaders and police in to the  colony, and demanded that the killers of Priyanka should be  given a stringent punishment.  Some policemen who were in the colony were also sent out by them.

From inside the gate, the residents were staging protests with placards and raising slogans like “No Media, No Police, Politicians Go back” and declared that until justice was done to the victim’s family, they would not allow anyone inside the colony. They also locked the gates from inside and were seen telling the police the same. A few political leaders left the place after they were denied entry, while a few CPI leaders joined the protestors.

            Mild tension prevailed for sometime when  the police  tried to pacify the residents who were telling people there to leave. They said that they were not against the media as it was the media which had highlighted the issue. The angry residents vented their ire at the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao, demanded that he bring the four accused to the gates, and bring justice to the bereaved family. They questioned as to why KCR had not even given a statement about the heinous episode,  and  said that till justice was meted out to the deceased  family, they would keep the gates closed.

            The family members also said they need no consolations  and they  be allowed  to live peacefully. They closed the gates of their house from inside.


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