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MPTCs and ZPTCs polls: TSEC issues rules


Hyderabad: Telangana State Election Commission has issued notification for conduct of ordinary elections to MPTCs and ZPTCs 2019 in three phases. For the first phase of election, the list of contesting candidates was published in form IX after 3 pm on Sunday, for the second phase of election after 3 pm on May 2 and for the third phase of election after 3 pm on May 6.

            The TSEC further stated that if only one validly nominated candidate was  published in the list of contesting candidates in form IX, the Returning officer will declare such candidate as duly elected in form X and send the same to the Commission.

            As there were instances in the past when vested interests manipulated the election process by auctioning the posts or by intimidating the candidates not to file paper or forcible withdrawal of other candidates, the SEC issued some directions to guard aganst the “evil designs” of vested interests to manipulate the election process by indulging in such malpractices.

            A special cell shall be opened in the distsrict by the District Collector and District Election Authority to scan the complaints received and reports published in the press and electronic media about alleged incidents of auctioning of posts, intimidating candidates not to file nomination and forcible withdrawal of candidature of other candidates etc.

            The collectors and District Election Authorities and superintendants of Police/ Commissioners of Police / Deputy Commissioners of Police shall take prompt action to launch prosecution against the persons involved in such malpractices under relevant provisions of the law.

            The Collectors & DEAs shall send a report to the General Observes and the State Election Commission wherever there is prima facie case of auctioning of posts or intimidation of candidates not to file nomination or forcible withdrawal of candidature of other candidates.

            The Returning officers concerned of MPTCs and ZPTCs shall declare the result of unanimous election to the post of MPTC or ZPTC only after obtaining clearance from the Collector & district Election Authority.

            In shall such cases, the Collector & District election Authority shall satisfy himself on the voluntary nature of unanimous election before issuing clearance to declare results.  In all cases where auctioning or use of undue influence is evidenced, the same should be reported to the State Election Commission for further instructions. 


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