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Modi is jealous of Nehru-Gandhi family’s achievements : T congress


Hyderabad: Strongly condemning Prime Minister Narender Modi for using derogatory language against former PM Rajiv Gandhi, the Congress party on Wednesday challenged Modi to contest remaining election on his achievements, if there are any.
            “Modi has indirectly conceded defeat even before the elections are over. Since he has no achievement to boast about, he is now uttering the names of Nehru-Gandhi family members to draw some attention and get a few votes,” Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Treasurer Gudur Narayana Reddy said in a statement today.
            Narayana Reddy expressed wonder over Election Commission of India giving clean chit to Modi for his derogatory and untrue remarks against former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He said Rajiv Gandhi was given clean chit in the Bofors case by the court and it was proved beyond doubt that he was neither corrupt nor greedy. “By giving clean chit to Modi, Election Commission has set a wrong precedent of allowing factually incorrect and derogatory statements against the opponents. By not taking any action against Modi in any of the complaints lodged by the Congress so far, Election Commission is sending a wrong message to the people that it was acting under the influence of BJP Government. PM Modi might be drawing some sadistic pleasure by targeting members of Nehru-Gandhi family in his speeches, but he cannot change the reality that people still love Rajiv Gandhi,” he said.
            The Congress leader reminded that Rajiv Gandhi has achieved martyrdom in a terrorist attack. “While the nation will always remember Rajiv Gandhi for the supreme sacrifice which he gave for the country, Modi will be remembered for stooping down to the lowest level of criticising a martyr in a highly derogatory manner,” he said.
            Reddy challenged Modi to contest the remaining election on his pet promises. He asked Modi to explain to the people what he has achieved through demonitisation. He said the Prime Minister must explain the status of his promise of giving 2 crore jobs every year and depositing Rs. 15 lakh in every account by bringing back black money stashed in foreign countries. Modi must reply as to why the promises made with Telangana State in Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act were not fulfilled and why AP was not given Special Status.
            “Modi appears to be suffering from short term memory loss and get its attack on every single day. He apparently forgets that he has been serving as the Prime Minister of India since 2014. He should present a progress report of his achievements than carrying out a baseless rhetoric of nothing has been done in the last 70 years. He must highlight what BJP Government has done in the last 5 years,” he said.
            Reddy said PM Modi was badly hit with an inferiority complex. Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi have a very long list of achievements and people remember them for their revolutionary contribution in nation building. Rahul Gandhi has emerged as a strong leader and an obvious choice for the post of Prime Minister. Since Modi had zero performance and would be remembered for all bad things like demonitisation, communal hatred and divisive politics, he is highlighting the great leaders of Congress party in a bad light, he said.
“Before trying to take credit for Balakot strikes, Modi need to accept the extreme intelligence failure in Pulwama which led to the martyrdom of our 45 soldiers. He must specify why he did not take any action against the Home Minister, Defence Minister, NSA Advisor and other responsible for the lapses of intelligence and loss of our soldiers,” he said.


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