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MLA Raja Singh hails SC verdict on Ayodhya


Hyderabad: The Bharatiya Janata Party today welcomed the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court in the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi case. “The SC decision will set an extraordinary example of an all-inclusive India in the history of the country. It has not only solved all the issues related to it, but also going to give further strength to our great tradition of peace, unity and goodwill”.

            The BJP legislator also thanked the Supreme Court, its judges, especially the Chief Justice for this decisive and time-bound decision, which ensured the daily hearing and resolved the matter pending for years. The BJP also hailed the people of the country, who remained united and kept the social, cultural and spiritual fabric of the country intact. He appealed to the countrymen to welcome the SC decision wholeheartedly and set an example to save the invaluable legacy of equality, social harmony and peace without paying any attention to rumors.

The SC decision has given a clear message that all Indians are united and the roots of democracy in India are very strong, he said, adding Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that keeping the dignity of the judiciary of the country paramount, all sides of the society, socio-cultural organizations all the parties related to this case have welcomed and take commendable steps to create a peaceful and positive atmosphere in the past. Even after this decision of the court, we all have to maintain communal harmony together.

            Raja Singh said his party strongly feels that this decision will end all the doubts related to this matter and India will continue to grow stronger on the principle of unity along with its cultural heritage. “The BJP has always been committed to construction of the Ram temple. From Palampur Adhiveshan till date, BJP has played a positive role on this issue and performed all its responsibilities. Whenever the history of the country will be re-written, the tenure of the BJP government at the Centre will be written in golden letters. 


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