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Mallu accuses BJP of resorting to dark politics in Maharashtra


Hyderabad: TPCC vice president Mallu Ravi on Monday alleged that the BJP-led Union government unleashed a new chapter in Indian politics by resorting to dark politics in Maharashtra State. He made it clear that the Maharashtra issue was a classic example to prove that the BJP had killed the democracy. 

 Ravi said the people have lost faith in all other democratic institutions in the country.  He also said the Congress had only discussions with its ally NCP on formation of the next State government in Maharashtra, he said, adding that the Congress had never craved for power in Maharashtra State. He asked the  saffron party leaders if it was great to form governments in Assam, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra by buying the MLAs of Opposition parties.

He alleged that the Raj Bhavan, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Prime Minister’s Office have played  dark  politics by joining hands with each other in the Maharashtra episode. Mocking at the statement of State BJP chief Dr K Laxman, Ravi said the State BJP leader was saying that they would not mind to resort to surgical strike on Telangana government if required. He said it was nothing but an immoral statement. On the issue of RTC workers, he demanded that the State government take immediate decision on the future of the RTC workers.


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