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Local Sailor Preethi Kongara records all round performance at the 11th Edition of Monsoon Regatta


Hyderabad: It was Preethi Kongara of the Yacht Club of Hyderabad who won the first race of the day and the seventh in the series and followed by a 8th and a 4th she is closer to winning the much coveted Monsoon Regatta Trophy.

If she does win then she will be the first girl ever to win the trophy and by what looks like a hefty margin of points.
           Preethi vanquished the national fleet across all conditions from light to medium to raging and came up on top.

Her starts are getting more and more defensive and super conservative but she makes up with blazing speed and some flawless wind reading and tactics. Her business like approach to all legs of the course are getting her  to top with four wins out of 9.

   “I am enjoying the regatta and hope that all goes well tomorrow “ , said a beaming Preethi after the 9th races in a series of 12.
           The wind conditions were mostly very strong and the Green Fleet saw Nikhil Mandavkar of Pune do some excellent sailing rising to 2nd position beating a lot of local YCH sailors.

Local girls Lakshmi and Vaishnavi capsized in the last race taking them lower but Lakshmi is still in the reckoning.
           Rithika Dangi of NSS Bhopal won two races placing her just behind Preethi in on the leader board but trailing by a huge margin. Rithika shot up from the bottom to have a great day at the races.

Vijay Kumar of Trishna Sailing Club capsized and is currently placed third overall but still tops the Boys fleet.
            At the end of 9 races it is 6 girls in the top 8 with Uma Chauhan and Rithika Dangi trailing Preethi followed by locals  Lakshmi Nookarathnam and Vaishnavi Veeravamsham.
            Points Tally at end of 9 races :MAIN

FLEET  GIRLS: . Preethi Kongara –   28 Yacht Club of Hyd ; Rithika Dangi – 60 NSS Bhopal ; Uma Chauhan- 66 NSS Bhopal
 BOYS :  Vijay Kumar –   60  Trishna Sailing Club ;  Raj Vishvakarma — 90  NSS Bhopal ; Ekalavya Batham –02  NSS Bhopal
GREEEN FLEET : GIRLS : Supriya Peerampally-55  YCH ; Vishnavi Thalapalli- 74     YCH ;  Sriharshita-127  YCH
BOYS : Praveen Ramavath–  34   YCH ;  Nikhil Mandhavkar – 35    CESC ; Mallesh Gaddam – 36    YCH. 


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