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Laxman urges Centre to cancel petrol retail outs allotted to TRS leaders in RTC lands


Hyderabad: State BJP president K. Laxman on Sunday urged the Petroleum Minister to order an inquiry into the MoU signed between oil companies (HPCL and IOC) and the TSRTC as dealerships of retail outlets were allotted to TRS leaders and their henchmen in the name of service providers in violation of rules and cancel their dealerships and ensure that the ROs are maintained by the TSRTC personnel. 

State BJP president K. Laxman today wrote to Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Steel, stating that the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has prime lands and properties in various districts in the State. The State RTC wanted to mobilize resources by giving their lands to the oil companies on lease and run retail outlets (ROs) in different areas.

It is known that HPCL and IOCL entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TSRTC. The HPCL identified some 90 sites and the IOC 32 sites to operate their retail outs. As per the MOU, the oil companies would pay monthly lease rental and allot dealerships to TSRTC; but the TSRTC, with the involvement of higher-ups in the TRS government, violated the MOU and allotted dealerships of retail outlets to TRS leaders and their supporters in the name of service providers and 60% of the dealer commission will go to private persons and only 40% of the commission goes into the TSRTC account. It was established that this violation is a clear-cut scam by the TSRTC management, the BJP leader alleged.

While some 49,000 TSRTC employees are on strike since October 5 without salaries, the State government was saying that the TSRTC was running under losses. On the other hand, the State government has been giving away prime properties and petroleum dealerships to private persons, which incur loss to the Corporation.

RTC crew strike: Centre will intervene at right time: Laxman

Hyderabad: BJP State president Dr K Laxman on Sunday said the State government would respond on the ongoing indefinite strike by RTC workers at the “right time”.

Speaking to mediapersons here, Laxman made it clear that his party was sending reports to the Union government at regular intervals on the strike situation in the State. He also  clarified that the Centre would not intervene into the RTC strike issue which would affect the spirit of Constitution.  He made it clear that the Centre would intervene when there was law and order in the city. He demanded that the State government immediately hold discussions with RTC JAC leaders and concede their demands.

He also condemned the arrest of leaders who held protest programs in support of the RTC workers. He cited the arrest of MRPS leader Manda Krishna Madiga. He also said he would lead Rasta Roko on November 19 in support of the striking RTC workers.


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