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KCR Assures: No Permission will be given for Uranium Mining; None Given Earlier by TRS Regime


Hyderabad: The Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has unequivocally declared today that after formation of Telangana State, no permission was given to anyone for Uranium mining, and added that there was no intention on the part of the Government to issue such permission in future also.

Replying to the discussion on the Budget in the Legislative Assembly, the Chief Minister also assured that they will not allow destruction of Nallamala forests under any circumstances.  KCR has further stated that despite their opposition, the Congress Government had, in the united Andhra Pradesh, in 2009, given permissions for uranium mining.  He said that uranium mining has started in Andhra.  A situation might arise when the waters of Godavari and Krishna rivers got polluted and the food givers (farmers) were made to suffer a lot.  The drinking water that comes to Hyderabad also might get polluted. Keeping all these factors in view, there was no question of giving permission for uranium mining, he made it clear.

          Chandrasekhar Rao also assured the people that there was no need for any anxiety on the issue and reiterated that the Government will not issue permission for uranium mining under any circumstances.  He further stated that a resolution would be adopted in the State Assembly tomorrow on the issue and it would be sent to the Centre.  KCR also said that if the Centre insists of giving mining permissions, they would fight it out united.

      The Chief Minister’s clear cut statement on the issue has, in a way, exposed the Congress party, which is raising a hue and cry stating that the TRS Government was in favour of giving permissions for uranium mining.  The congress as also other parties were blaming the TRS Government of permitting uranium mining and destroying the Nallamala forests. The congress leaders were also planning protest programmes against the TRS Government on the issue.  KCR’s categorical statement also exposed the Congress party’s double game in giving permission for mining in 2009 and now opposing it. 

Good News to T People—CM Assures  New MV Act will not be Enforced in State

Here is some Good news and relief for the vehicle drivers in Telangana State.  The Chief Minister KCR has made a categorical statement that the State Government will not enforce the Central Act relating to Motor Vehicles and huge penalties for traffic violations.  

In reply to a member’s poser on the very heavy penalties and the difficulties being faced by  vehicle drivers, the chief Minister said  the State Government itself will bring out an Act in the matter, and added there was no need for hurry.  He made it clear that the Government will not act in manner to create problems and difficulties to vehicle drivers and owners.    

            It may be recalled  that the new Central Act aimed at reducing road accidents,  provided for imposition of abnormally high fines for  various types traffic violations, came in to force from September 1, and reports said that fines amounting to lakhs of rupees were imposed on vehicle drivers, including two wheeler drivers.  The challans issued by the traffic police were creating new records and the people were much agitated over it.   Some States, including BJP ruled states    have reduced the fines and penalties.


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