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Jagga Reddy—Time Will Decide on his Joining TRS


Hyderabad: Congress Party Leader and Sangareddy MLA T Jayaprakash Reddy on Monday said that the time would decide weather he would leave the party and join rival TRS party in the state.

Refuting  the reports that several congress party MLAs including him are likely to join the ruling TRS party, he said that none of the present  MLAs of the party were inclined to join the rival TRS. He also made it clear that he was not making any efforts to join the TRS party. Reddy made these remarks in an informal chit chat with media persons . Speaking on the occasion, he said that he always questioned the mistakes committed by former minister and TRS Leader T Harish Rao in the state. He alleged that Harish Rao had done a lot of injustice to the people of Sangareddy in case of medical college and Manjeera water. He made it clear that the allegations he was making against had not link or relationship with CM KCR and his son KTR. He said that TPCC President  Uttam Kumar Reddy and CLP Leader Bhatti Vikramarka had given assurance to the present MLAs of the party. He said that the politics and politicians would thrive as long as there were farmers and public problems.


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