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Jagga ignores Vijayasanti remarks against Uttam


Hyderabad: Congress MLA from Sangareddy Toorpu Jayaprakash Reddy alias Jagga Reddy on Wednesday said he would not comment against party leader and film actress Vijayasanti, who reportedly criticized him. Noting that the actress has a great following among the people in entire south India, Jagga Reddy felt that the party would benefit a lot if her services were used in the entire South India.

In an informal chat with mediapersons here today, Jagga Reddy said Vijayasanti would have a bright future if she devoted her full time to the party. Stating that those who want to become TPCC Chief should give up the dream of becoming CM, Jagga Reddy made it clear that there were several leaders in the Congress, who could work for the party without expecting money and post.

Jagga Reddy also said he would soon write a letter to party president Rahul Gandhi on the issue. He said the party would exist in the State when all its leaders worked hard for its growth. He also made it clear that the defected MLAs have left the party for their own benefits and not due to the failure of the PCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy.


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