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Jagan Launches Innovative VVs Program in A P

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

Amaravati: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy launched the prestigious Village Volunteers/ Grama Volunteers programme on the 73rd Independence Day function held here in Vijayawada on Thursday.

The Village Volunteers concept was meant to work as a bridge between the public and the government as envisaged by the CM. With this novel programme, the AP government has taken another step forward in implementing Village Secretariats – a promise made by YS Jagan during his Praja Sankalpa Yatra.  Jagan addressed 1500 Volunteers who were recently recruited from Krishna and Guntur districts who had come for the inaugural event. Instead of addressing the new recruits first, YS Jagan changed the programme schedule and requested them to speak about what they understood about the whole initiative. Several volunteers spoke and gave their opinion, after which he addressed the volunteers.

The chief Minister said that the Village Volunteers were like a bridge between the people and the Government. 

He said that since the past 73 years, some villages still had no independence. “I saw that during my 3648 km Padayatra, there was still under development and unemployment rampant in many places in the State. The government should ensure that the poor are supported and this is where the Village Volunteers system comes into place. It should be free of bribes, discrimination, castes, religions, and politics”, he said. Village volunteers must work to win people’s minds, he said.
            “My goal is to strengthen the system. Providing four lakh jobs within three months of assuming charge is a record of sorts in the country. The work of the Village Volunteers is vital especially when it comes to identifying beneficiaries of government schemes and delivering them at their door. We will launch the ration rice delivery to the door steps of the beneficiaries on September 1, from Srikakulam. Every scheme we have mentioned in the manifesto must reach the poor. The benefits of the Navaratnalu should be delivered to every household,” he added.

2,66,796 VVs Recruited

The government has successfully recruited 2,66,796 volunteers in rural and urban wards in just 45 days. Out of the 2,66,796 volunteers, 1,93,421 volunteers were for the rural areas and 73,375 volunteers in urban areas. There will be one volunteer for every 50 -100 house in the urban areas and one for every 35 house in the village areas.  Out of the 2.66 lakh volunteers selected, 1.33 lakh posts were given to women. Candidates from the SC, ST and BC categories were selected as per reservations.


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