Home breaking news Jagan Extends Aarogyasri to Families with less than Rs.five lakh

Jagan Extends Aarogyasri to Families with less than Rs.five lakh


Vijayawada: The Andhra Pradesh Government today issued orders  extending  the coverage of Dr YSR  Aarogyasri health care services scheme to families with Rs.5 lakh annual income, and laying the guidelines for eligibility criteria on issuing health cards.

It may be recalled that Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy during his election campaign in April this year,  promised the people  that he would bring all families earning below Rs.5 lakh annual income under Arogyasri scheme.

           As per the guidelines issued today, the eligibility criteria for issuance of Aarogyasri Health Cards would include people getting annual income less than or up to Rs.five  Lakhs (salary certificate evidence).  Families who are filing Income Tax returns for annual income up to Rs.five lakhs are eligible (Income Tax Return evidence).

All Rice Card Holders, and families which are eligible for YSR Pension Kanuka card  and Jagananna Vidya and Vasathi Deevana card are also eligible.

            Outsourcing, contract, part time employees, sanitary workers, honorarium based employees working in Government sector and employees of Private sector would also come under the scheme. Pensioners, whose annual income is less than or up to Rs.5 Lakhs are also eligible.

            For other families, the criteria would include, landowners holding less than 12 Acres of wet land or less than 35 Acres of dry land and/or total lands less than 35 Acres (Wet & Dry) lands. Families/Households not having more than one personal car are also eligible. All households paying Municipal property tax for the area less than 3000 SFT (334 Sq.Yds) are also eligible.


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