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Is Rajagopal playing mind game with high command?


Hyderabad: The congress party MLAs and its rebel leader K. Rajagopal Reddy appears to be playing a mind game with the party high command leaders. Although he has never openly stated that he would join rival BJP , he has given enough hints to do so. It is also speculated that Reddy would leave the party at any time. However, he neither left the party nor made any public statement on the issue of joining the BJP. He continued to keep the tension on the party leadership. This has also created confusion among the top brass of the party . The congress party leaders are now in a fix on the issue of suspension of reddy from the party as part of the proposed disciplinary action. The reason for this is the fact that the suspension of Rajagopal reddy from the party would help him escape the anti defection law. This is preventing the  the party leaders from taking any action against the dissident leader.


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