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Harish advises ZP members to make Siddipet as ideal dist


Hyderabad: Former minister T Harish Rao today exhorted the newly elected members of local bodies to strive to make Siddipet as an ideal district in the State. “The Chief Minister belongs to our district and we have to coordinate and make it an ideal district”, he said.

Speaking at a meeting after TRS leader taking over as chairman of zilla parishad in the district here, Harish Rao appealed to all those elected as ZP chiefs and mandal parishad chiefs in the State to make sure that the government schemes reach the beneficiaries. “We have to work together and serve our best to ensure all facilities to the villages, towns and districts by completing the works by officials”, he added.

Harish Rao said the ZPTCs should coordinate with local leaders to take the schemes to the people. He appreciated that educated and experienced have been elected as zilla parishad chairmen and Siddipet created history in this regard. “You should work in coordination with the local leaders in taking forward the government welfare schemes to the people”.

He also advised the leaders to make proper debates during their meetings and question in such a way that one will think about the issue. “There will be no meaning by making hue and cry in the meeting halls just for getting into newspapers and instead focus on the important issues. Try to improve knowledge of the departments and schemes and work with officials to deliver goods to the people. Correct the mistakes and improve work style to reach out to the people”, he exhorted.


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