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Gaganpahad Goushala celebrates Annakut festival


Hyderabad: South India’s biggest Goushala Satyam Shivam Sundaram Gau Nivas sheltering some 5,300 cows rescued from slaughter houses at its premises at Peddammagadda, Gaganpahad, today organized Annakut celebration.

            Speaking to mediapersons here today, Dharam Raj Ranka of Satyam Shivam Sundaram Gau Nivas said the Annakut festival was being celebrated at the beginning of every New Year and lots of variety of food items prepared with love and devotion are offered to God. Thousands of devotees participate in the celebrations. He said although the literal meaning of ‘Annakut’ is “mountain of food”, it symbolizes an offering of food to God and the love and devotion that has gone into preparing it.

As part of the Diwali celebrations, Hindus around the world cook a variety of different vegetarian items of food, snacks, sweets, pickles and delicacies as offerings to God. Traditionally Annakut symbolized devotion through offering the first harvest and distributing this to all. Extensive use of chemical fertilizers has resulted in many health hazards. “We at Satyam Shivam Sundaram Gau Nivas are supplying bio-pesticides, a mix of cow dung and cow urine free of cost to poor farmers. We are doing this as part of Dharthi Sudhakar initiative”, he said. He set up a huge Pigeon House in 3000 sq.ft. at a cost of Rs.25 lakh providing shelter to some 5000-6000 pigeons.


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