Home breaking news Encroachments in Bengaluru being removed after effecting with Floods

Encroachments in Bengaluru being removed after effecting with Floods


Under the jurisdiction of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the operation of clearing the encroachments of the Raj canal is actively going on as on Tuesday a total of 18 encroachments including the Mahadevpur zone and Yalahanka zones were cleared.In Mahadevapura Zone, Shantiniketan Layout, Papaya Reddy Layout, Chellaghatta, and Yelahanka Zone Satellite Town, Rajkaluve encroachment will be cleared by 2 Hitachi and 8 JCB machines with the corporation engineers, revenue officers, marshals, and police personnel. About 50 meters of encroachment have been cleared and the clearance operation is in process. As many as seven buildings and four compound walls will be cleared in the Shantiniketan layout. In Papaya Reddy Layout, the apartment wall encroached by Rajkaluve and the 4 sheds built on the empty space of Rajkaluve has been cleared.

In Basavanpur, one compound wall and one empty space will be cleared and seized by the corporation. In the satellite town of Yalahanka zone, the compound wall built by the CBS Institute encroaching on the 120-meter-long Raj Canal has been cleared by the JCB. The encroachment of the royal canals in the city is being surveyed and marked by land surveyors and the encroachment clearance operation is being carried out. The evacuation operation of the encroached areas will continue in the coming days.


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