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Eco Artist Vishwanath Mallabadi makes wonderful Art out of e-waste


Hyderabad: “I bring a second life to electronic waste. No e-waste is a waste for me. I turn waste into worthy objects. I have a ton of e-waste collected over the years and lying in my studio”, said Vishwanath Mallabadi, 57-year old Senior Consultant working with Wipro in Bangalore.

            The wonderful eco-artist showcased some of his works at a two-day India’s first-ever International Data Science Technology Conference for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. “I am here in Hyderabad at the invitation of Indo-Nordic Innovation Clusters and DAV Data Solutions, India, the organizers of seven-day event “Indo Data Week”, he said. He turns useless motherboards, CPUs, EPROMs, SMD Radial Capacitors, Laptop’s LED Display Boards, discarded Sugar Checking meters PCB boards etc is too beautiful art forms. Vishwanath has been seriously working on his passion, eco-art for the past six years. During this period he made 250 very impressive and useful objects. 

            “As of now, I don’t have any plans to sell. But, I would be interested in executing custom designs. These are my personal collections. I am very passionate about them. I do it just as a hobby.” He makes creatures, Robots, Jewellery, Wall Art and decorative pieces from what we consider useless and waste. Some of the laudable works he created are India’s Tech King, Ajim Premji’s Portrait Collage. The medium used is e-waste on wood coated and finished with clear epoxy resin.

            Another priceless creation is Future City. The medium used was Upcycled heat Sink. A Dassel Bird made using up cycled electronic components. Another notable work is Landscape Painting, inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Upscale Resistor was used on wood coated and finished with clear epoxy resin. He made several Wall Art pieces with upcycled computer parts. Beautiful butterflies and Dragon flyes are made from waste. “I am an eco Artist from Bangalore. I create unique and Amazing Art from e-Waste, I believe Upcycling e-waste, plays a major role in Environmental Sustainability and it would also help in reducing landfill, he shares about himself.

            “Being a Designer and Environmentalist, I am concerned about the future generation and the work I do, I hope will help in the betterment of coming generation. The economics behind my initiative is, if each person stops discarding or scraping the end of life products and by upcycling or re-using will make a major difference in healthy living. I am passionate to create Art out of e-Waste and keen to promote my ideology by collaboration and also by conducting workshop and seminars. And this mission would be possible only promoting it to mass media”, he said.

            “My endeavour is to promote eco Art awareness. Eco Sustainability and upcycling of e-waste is becoming very significant for the future generation. I am Exhibiting my eco Artworks at this 1st International Data Science Conference for Sustainable Development, with a sincere hope how upcycling would help in Sustainable living. It was a proud moment and heartening to present my eco Artwork, a collage Portrait made out of e-waste to Azim Premji, Co-founder chairman of Wipro Limited, Vishwanath added.

            “So far internationally my works were very well recognized. All my creations have base to help sustainability at the core of their creation, he claims. I bring in the creative vision to discarded e-waste and add higher environmental value than it had in their original state. Upcycling is a key concept to add value to junk e-waste”, he added. “I think that we should live with a lot less stuff. I believe encouraging people to think of new and innovative ways to use things, instead of simply buying new consumer goods. It also benefits the environment, by promoting reuse over discarding whenever possible. I hope this eco Art initiative will make a difference for the future generation, he hopes sincerely. He has blown well over a couple of lakhs in the past six years. My life is office and creating useful objects out of e-waste”, he informs. 

            “As all of us enjoy new gadgets, but we forget that old ones need to be properly recycled. It becomes a reminder that we must act responsibly and properly recycle waste. For the past 4 years, I have been concentrating on creating unique handmade art from recyclable e-waste materials such as discarded electronic devices, components and PCB’s, heat sink and so on”, he informs. “I see e-waste in different shapes, forms, texture and colour and conceptualize artwork. I find a pile of garbage is obtrusive, but with a human touch by sorting the garbage, arranging it according to the colours and forms can create a new aesthetic object, he opines. So ugliness transforms into beauty, by sorting and recycling electronic waste, I create something qualitatively unique. I am fascinated with experimenting and searching for new and abstract ways to create unique things, he adds. 


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