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Cop opens fire in TSRTC bus at Punjagutta, flees


Hyderabad:A constable working with the AP Intelligence identified as Srinivas opened fire in the air in a TSRTC bus on Route No 47-L (Secunderabad-Manikonda) to threaten the fellow passengers this morning. The offender, who was attached to a prominent person, was involved in heated arguments with co-travellers on a trivial issue and opened fire with his service revolver in the bus hitting its roof.
            The man took out a gun from his bag and opened fired leaving the passengers in shock. Later the miscreant fled the spot. The bus driver also sped the vehicle from the stop immediately after the incident. According to the bus crew, the bizarre incident took place at Nagarjuna Circle near Punjagutta grave yard this morning. The bus driver and conductor told the Task Force police that the offender boarded the bus after completion of his duty in the morning. The constable quarreled with fellow passenger and in a fit of ill-temper opened fire in the air in the bus hitting its roof causing a hole. Later, the miscreant got down the bus and caught another one and fled the spot. 
Upon learning about the incident, the police launched a search for the unidentified passenger and the bus. A case has been registered in this regard and the police recorded the statement of bus driver Yakub Pasha. When informed of the shooting incident in the bus by the Hyderabad Police, AP Director General Thakur said he was enquiring about the whereabouts of the accused constable. He also observed that opening fire amidst the crowded people was a severe crime.


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