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CM Offers Many Benefits for RTC Employees


Hyderabad: Some of  the decisions announced by the CM at the meeting with the TSRTC employees and workers representatives:

Stop calling the RTC Conductors and drivers as workers and they should be called and referred to as the employees. There is no difference between the management and employees; everyone should act as members of one family.

    Employees increment will be given as it is. ,  For those employees died during the strike period, one job will be given to member of their family within eight days. Rs 2 Lakh per family will be paid as an ex-gratia amount by the government. ,    TSRTC employees will have total job security. ,     Responsibility of taking ticket will be with the passenger but no action will be taken against the conductors if a passenger fails to take the ticket.

Employees having colour blindness should given other responsibilities but should not be removed from the employment. Women employees should not be given nigh duties, they should complete their duties by 8 pm.  In every depot, within 20 days, exclusive toilets, dress change rooms and lunchrooms for women should be created. All TSRTC women employees, like their counter parts in the government, will get three months child care leave along with the maternity leave. Women employees need not wear the Khaki uniform; they can have their uniform in the colour of their choice. If the male employees also want a change in their Khaki uniform it will be done.

            A committee will be formed to give suggestions to solve the problems faced by the women employees. For two year period, there will not be any elections for the TSRTC recognised Union. With two employees for each depot, Employees Welfare Board will be constituted.

            Health services in TSRTC should include parents of the employees. Measures should be taken to avail the medical services of private hospitals not only in Hyderabad but also other places in the State. Medicines should be distributed free of cost to the employees at every Dispensary. Employees parents should be given the free bus passes. The government will pass orders to help the children of the employees get the fee reimbursement scheme. Will pay the employees PF dues and money to be paid to the CCS.

            Adequate spare parts will be made available at the Depots. Employees working on temporary basis will be made permanent in the TSRTC.  The government is making a housing scheme for the RTC employees. Start goods and cargo services in RTC.

            The CM urged the officials and employees to take a pledge that they would work in coordination to protect the RTC. The CM also urged that the RTC should be turn into a profitable organisation with united efforts and spirit as was done in case of achieving the separate Telangana State. The CM said that as Transport Minister, he worked for three years and made the RTC into a profit-making organisation and hence he had all love for the Organisation even today. The CM assured that he would take all measures from the government for the survival and betterment of the RTC.  He said from now onwards, officials and employees should work unitedly and protect the RTC.  He wanted them to take the required measures to make loss-making depots into profit making ones. He wanted re survey of routes to be done. The CM said he would act as the brand Ambassador of the TSRTC. He said he would request TRS Ministers, MPs, MLAs, and MLCs to travel by RTC at least once in a month. MLAs should have a review meeting with the Depot Managers from their areas once in every two months. The CM wanted the Transport Minister to monitor this.

          When CM KCR said that if need be, employees should work an extra one-hour and half an hour per day, the employees expressed their acceptance by applause. The CM announced if there is any State that is protecting the PSUs it is the Telangana State. He reminded that power generation was not given to the private sector. The CM desired that like the Electricity employees, the RTC employees should get more salaries and like the Singareni employees, they also should get the bonus every year.

Emotional outbreak

The entire meeting the CM had with the RTC employees was high on emotional tone. The two-hour long interactive meeting was held in a congenial atmosphere and with a touch of humanness. The CM responded positively to the problems and issues of the employees. Everyone present at the meeting had tears of happiness in their eyes. The CM interaction, which is dotted with local idioms, apt sayings and jokes, evoked peels of laughter from the audience. The CM took several measures for the welfare of the employees and every such announcement evoked thunderous applause from the employees. The employees expressed their gratitude towards the CM, when he took some measures for welfare of the employees’ families, with thunderous ovation.

Story  evokes laughter

Stating that there will be some people who would always be there to destruct any constructive work, the CM referred to the Ramayana Battle. When the Demons (Rakshas) who lost their lives due to Sri Ram’s arrows which curtailed their age abruptly, appealed to Srirama what they should do, Sriram asked them take birth in Kaliyuga at different places. Such demons who took birth are fleecing the people now and there are also there in the TSRTC.

            During the lunch, the CM freely mixed freely, affectionately interacted with the RTC drivers and conductors and enquired about their problems. The women employees responded positively when the CM spoke with them affectionately and they told about their problems. They shared with the CM their problem without any inhibition.


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