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Civil Supplies Consumer Redressal and Information Centre Solves case in less than One Month

Civil Supplies Consumer Redressal and Information Centre Solves case in less than One Month

Hyderabad: The Telangana Consumer Disputes and Redressal Centre once again came to the aid of the Victim of Medical Negligence. A Yoga master, who hailed from poor family and suffered severe health complications due to the doctor’s negligence, was given compensation of Rs. 8 Lakhs. The case was solved in less than one month time. The Commissioner for Civil Supplies Akun Sabharwal gave the cheque of Rs. 8 Lakhs to the victim Devaiah on Sunday.

          Devaiah (31) of Kothapelli Village in Rajanna Siriclla district was working as a yoga instructor. He worked time in National Police Academy for some time and won Bronze medal at an international competition. His family is very poor and he was a sole bread earner. He got Piles problem and contacted a Piles Clinic in Secunderabad on February 24, 2018. The Clinic advices to undergo an  operation which cost Rs. 25,000 for the treatment. After three hours of the operation,  he was discharged from the hospital. But soon after that severe bleeding was experienced by him. Devaiah went  to the same hospital again for the treatment. As the situation was going out of control, the  Doctors referred him to go to Yashoda Hospital.

          Devaiah’s family members and friends came to know that the expenditure for his treatment would be very expensive. So they approached TRS Working President KTR for help. KTR responded very quickly and immediately sanctioned Rs. 5.50 Lakhs from CM Relief Fund for the hospital expenditure.

          But as treatment was taking more time expenditure was also increasing. For about one and half month he took treatment in the hospital for which he paid Rs. 18 lakh. To meet the hospital expenditure Devaiah had to sell his small piece of land and also took money on debt from others.

          It took some time for healing and soon after that Devaiah decided to fight against the hospital authorities  for their negligence. He came to know about the Telangana Consumer Redressal Centre and approached them on  June 29,  2019. As soon as the Redressal Centre heard his plea they issued notice to the hospital. In less than one month time the case was solved and Rs. 8 lakh compensation was granted to Devaiah.

         Following this,  Devaiah thanked  KTR and  Akun Sabharwal for coming to his aid.   He  said that  the Consumer Redressal Centre not helped him get the compensation in less than one month. He said that he was very happy about the fact that he got the help from the Center for free Of Cost. 

The commissioner Sabharwal  said that the aggrieved Consumers can register their complaints at Telangana Consumers Redressal Cell Toll Free No 180042500333. They can also log onto Facebook: ConsumerInformation RedressalCentre, Twitter: Telangana ConsumerInfo and Redressal Center and also on website www.consumeradvice.in to get the help from them, he noted 


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