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Cheating in the name of IT Refund—Beware

Cheating in the name of Income Tax

Hyderabad: Cyber crimes are on the increase, as seen from reports in the media now-a-days.  Cheating in the name of Income Tax Refund appears to be another invention of unscrupulous elements to deprive people of their hard earned money.  Cyber cell of the police department has issued a caution notice to the citizens about this new way of Bank fraud.

        The modus operandi of this duping game is sending a message to your mobile or calling you on phone saying:” Dear Sir, You have been approved an I T Refund of Rs.15,980 (or some amount).  The amount will be credited to your account shortly.   Please verify your Account No.xxxx6755.  If it is not correct, please update your Bank Account information by visiting the link below: https.///bit.ly/20wpyk 6”.

        Hitech cell is warning people to be careful about this type of bank fraud.  “Don’t click on the line in the message.  Be careful by sending this message to all your friends and relatives.  Once you clock on the line and furnish your bank account details,  the fraudsters will take away the amount in your bank account  and then you will realize you have been cheated.

        Messages seeking friendship are flooding the mobiles now-a-days.  One message says: Special friends are like Teddy bear – warm, sweet & cuddly.  Just dial 5630035 for special friends.  Another says: No enjoyment is complete without friends.  Just dial 5630066.  Another SMS says: Hi 9440430166 Dial 5200089089 and Start Talk with Special Friends.  Yet another message says:  Now Chat Unlimited. Please dial 5505005177.  Beware of such types of messages. Once you start responding and start chatting, you may end up in losing money, as is evident from the cases being reported in the media from time to time.


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