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Cancellation of HRC Race Today—Reasons Explained


Hyderabad: Hyderabad Race Course (HRC) Trainers Association has stated  here that the action of the HRC employees Union “unguided by rationale” has resulted in the unfortunate cancellation of Races  today and the postponement of Deccan Derby.  

In a press note today, the Association President Laxman Singh said that following the expiry of the previous settlement with the Union on June 30, 2019, negotiations were held with the Union Representatives. The representatives of Racecourse Owners and Trainers offered revised salary involving an increase of Rs.2300 as against the increase of Rs.3800 demanded by the Union, from July 1, 2019. In the resultant impasse, further discussions were called off and the dead lock was reported to the Club.   He said that the salary of Rs.17000 pm presently  offered at HRC is relatively higher as compared to the salary of Rs.14,795 pm, presently drawn by the stable employee in a similar capacity at Bangalore.  

      The Association President said that the responsibility squarely lies with the Employees  and the representatives of the Union in resolving  the matter and concluding the settlent on the terms finally proposed by the Racehorse Owners and Racehorse Trainers to the representatives of HRC employees Union. 


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