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BJP stands and works for gender equality—Krishna Sagar


Hyderabad: BJP Telangana State unit Chief spokesperson, K. Krishna Saagar Rao  asserted that BJP stands and works for gender equality, women empowerment and their constitutional rights. ‘Our government and our party have always walked the talk on women empowerment’.

Krishnasagar Rao said that BJP welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court to move the review petitions filed on the earlier Supreme Court judgment on Sabarimala issue, to a larger bench for further deliberations. He  said that  BJP welcomes the judges opinion, that questions raised on religious traditions, practices, beliefs will be all pervasive and impacts all religions and their practices.

            He said that Women lead in BJP government from key roles. “Our government has made landmark laws and decisions to ensure women’s rights, their security and their multi-faceted empowerment. We have a historic and unparalleled track record in protecting women’s interests and rights”.

He said BJP believes religion is wholly based on faith, traditions, beliefs, rituals and practices. They should not be selectively questioned and attacked by groups with shallow political purposes. He said that Indian constitution has provided under the fundamental rights, the right to freedom of practicing religion under articles 25 to 28 and it applies to all religions.


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