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BJP Criticises CM’s Adamant Attitude on RTC Strike


Hyderabad: BJP MLC  Ramchander Rao said that as an opposition party, it is their responsibility to bring the issues of workers to the government’s attention and also

said that people were suffering due to  lack of transport system in the state due RTC  workers continuous strike

            Addressing the media persons along with the media convener  Sudhakara Sharma at BJP state headquarters, he said that as part  and parcel of  the Federal system, Union Ministers will speak on the schemes  of  the State Governments  positively The central ministers  never  criticize the state government’s schemes.

The BJP leader criticized the  Chief minister K.Chandrashekar Rao’s adamant attitude in not    calling  for a discussion on RTC strike  .and not appointing  at least the  three Supreme Court retired judges committee.

            He asked why TRS party is scared about  TRS MLAs getting  in touch with BJP and also  stated that if other party MLAS joined  TRS it is ethical, but   if TRS  MLAs joined other party,  that is unethical. How far this is correct, he questioned and added that TRS don’t have moral right to speak on  defections

            He appealed to the RTC workers do not commit suicide as  life is precious.  He assured that BJP is supporting them  morally and legally until justice was done to them.


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