Home breaking news Ayyappa devotees perform pradakshinams at Chilkur Balaji temple

Ayyappa devotees perform pradakshinams at Chilkur Balaji temple


Hyderabad: Devotees, holding ‘Save Our Sabarimala’ placards on Saturday made pradakshinams at the Chilkur Balaji Temple on the occasion of the first anniversary of Supreme Court verdict against traditional worship at Sabarimala.

The Temples’ Protection Movement alleged that the Kerala government had unilaterally decided not to file a review petition and also forced the Travancore Devaswon Board to toe its line. However, on behalf of Ayyappa devotees and Swamy Ayyappa, the Temples Protection Movement urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to act as per Dharma. The protestors also demanded that the Centre promulgate an ordinance invoking its powers under Art 254, which provides the Union Government to legislate on items in the Concurrent List to protect the customs, usage and traditions of Ayyappa Swamy and His worshippers.

Temples Protection Movement also demanded that the Centre issues an Ordinance that Swamy Ayyappan and His worshippers constitute a Religious Denomination under Art 26; that Swamy Ayyapan as Shri Manikandan having been born in Indian territory as per Art 5 be deemed as a Citizen so that fundamental rights are not denied to the Deity and also that his vow of Naishtika Brahmacharyam was protected under Art 25 of the Constitution.


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