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Avoid panic, no injustice to Inter students: Minister Jagadish Reddy


Hyderabad: Amid protests by students and parents, Education Minister G Jagadish Reddy said that no student will face injustice in the Inter examinations. He held a meeting with education Secretary Dr B Janardhan Reddy and officials and took stock of alleged lapses in the valuation of papers and results that led to protests.

The minister said that the government will set right the issues and check lapses if any. The expert committee was appointed on the issue to find solution. The committee will give its report in three days and will check any lapses. The minister appealed to the parents and students to avoid getting panic and doubts on the valuation of papers. They can go for verification, revaluation and recounting, he said.

            Jagadish Reddy appealed to the students and the parents to avoid panic as the government will not do injustice anyone. The government is considering return fees to the students if proved lapses after revaluation of exam papers. The secretary expressed concern on students resorting to suicides.

            The committee comprises TSTS MD Venkateshwar Rao will probe the case with Hyderabad BITS Professor Vasan and IIT Hyderabad Prof Nishanth.

            Inter Board Secretary Ashok denied reports that lapses took place with regard to 21000 Inter students. He admitted disparities in subject marks and total marks.

            There are lapses with regard to examiners, OMR sheets and jumbling also due to shifting of exam centers, he clarified. The students can check their exam papers for confirmation,  he said. Ashok also said that the board will take action against the staff if found guilty. The board will do justice to the students and there is no need of panic.

There is no truth in reports that inexperienced teachers were used for valuation of papers and said the  comments are baseless that some exam papers were misplaced. The papers are in police custody and can be seen for verification. Ashok also said that the board used experienced faculty for valuation of the papers and did not pass students who were absent.


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