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Annual Brahmotsavams at Tirumala from today


Tirumala: The annual nine-day Brahmotsavams of Sri Venkateswara Swamy at Tirumala will commence from September 30. During the festival, processional deity of Sri Venkateswara Swamy, popularly revered as “Sri Malayappa Swamy” takes ride on different carriers along the four-mada streets encircling the shrine.

According to Venugopala Deekshitulu, one of the chief priests, the Brahmotsavam was a premiere event organized in Tirumala by the TTD not only for welfare of the entire humanity, but also to give devotees a glimpse of the divine glory of Sri Venkateswara Swamy.
As a prelude to the annual ritual, Ankurarpanam will be held on September 29 evening. Various varieties of grains are sown in different mud pots at Yagashala, signaling start of the event. On September 30, the sacred flag with image of Garuda, will be unfurled in the evening inviting deities of all the worlds to take part in the annual fete of the Lord of Lords.  Later, Lord Malayappa Swamy rides on Pedda Sesha Vahanam in the four Mada streets flanked by His Consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi on His either sides. Darshan of Lord Pedda Sesha Vahanam leads to Dhyana Yoga.

The second vahana seva of Brahmotsavams is the Chinna Shesha vahanam on Tuesday morning. This vahanam is symbolic with Vasuki, the five hooded serpent king and avowed to beget boons of Kundalini Yogasidda phalam.   In the evening, Lord in the guise of Saraswathi, Goddess of Wisdom, rides on Hamsa vahanam. The vahanam provides Gnana Siddhi to devotees.
On the third day of the festival on October 2, Lord rides on Simha vahanam showcasing strength and power of His divine existence. The devotees would attain true solace with darshan of the Lord in this avatar. In the night on the same day, Lord rides on “muthyapu pandiri vahanam” palanquin of pearls, which are often considered as symbol of peace and tranquility.

On the fourth day on October 3, Lord rides on Kalpavruksha vahanam. Lord is believed to bestow all boons sought by the devotees as divine Tree Kalpavriksha is considered to be a boon giver. Devotees will be blessed with Karya Siddhi. In the evening, the Lord rides on Sarva Bhopala vahanam, which epitomizes universal supremacy of Lord Venkateswara. The powerful deities of the galaxy – the Asta Dikpalakas functions as per the directions of Lord. Devotees will beget Vijayaprapti.

Mohini Avataram: On the morning of October 4, the fifth day of the festival, the Lord adorns Mohini Avatar, extolling virtues of beauty and charm in society. This avatar depicted that Lord helped the devotees to break the chasm of Maya (evil) in this world. Devotees will come out of the bondage of Maya-the myth. In the evening, the Lord rides on His favorite carrier Garuda vahanam. Devotees in lakhs throng Tirumala hills on that night to get a glimpse of the Lord. He gives Mukthiprapti.

GARUDA VAHANAM on October 4 : Garuda Vahanam is the hallmark of all the events of the Brahmotsavam wherein the Lord rides on His favourite carrier, Garuda vahanam. Devotees in lakhs thronged the Tirumala hills on that night to get a glimpse of Lord. Depicts Mukthiprapti.

HANUMANTHA VAHANAM : On Day-6, Lord blesses His devotees in Sri Rama avatar, while riding on His favourite disciple Hanumantha. Lords darshan in this avatar is expected to yield philosophical satisfaction to devotees. Sharanagata Prapatti.

GOLDEN CHARIOT : In between the Morning and Evening Vahanams, the processional deity of Sri Malayappa Swamy was taken out in a procession on the Swarnaratham. The grandeur of the ratham and the procession is a cynosure to the devotees.

GAJA VAHANAM  : On the night of Day-6, Lord rides on divine elephant vahanam, symbolizing the majesty, riches etc. The devotees will have a royal darshan of Lord.

SURYA PRABHA VAHANAM  : On Day -7 of Brahmotsavam, Lord rides on Surya Prabha vahanam as Surya Naryana Murthy. Arogya Siddhi to devotees.

CHANDRA PRABHA VAHANAM  : On the Seventh Day evening, Lord rides on Chandra vahanam displaying peace, tranquility as premiere mediums of achieving devotion and well being in society.

RATHOTSAVAM –(MORNING OF OCTOBER 7) In the morning of the penultimate day of Srivari Brahmotsavams, Rathotsavam is conducted along the four-mada streets. This provides a unique opportunity to the devotees to pull the vahanam. 

ASWA VAHANAM -(EVENING OF OCTOBER 7) This is the final vahana seva as part of the annual Brahmotsavams at Tirumala, when the Lord rides on Ashwa vahanam. According to Krishna Yajur Veda, Horse stood for control of all body elements and Lord displayed his identity as Kalki Avatar protecting the good from evil forces.

CHAKRASNANAM – (MORNING OF OCTOBER 8) On the morning of the eighth day of the Brahmotsavams, the anthropomorphic form of Lord, Sri Sudarshana Chakrathalvar along with Sri Malayappa Swamy – Sridevi and Bhudevi were given final abhisekam and will be taken to Swamy Pushkarini for holy bath before they returned to Ananda Nilayam. Thousands of devotees line up at the Swami Pushkarini to beget the blessings of the Lord and also bathe in the holy waters after the celestial bathing. This event is performed after the Pallaki and Thiruchi utsavams conducted in the Srivari temple in the early hours.

DWAJA AVAROHANAM – (EVENING OF OCTOBER 8) This marks the grand conclusion of the annual Brahmotsavams in Tirumala. The unfurling and lowering of Garuda Dhwajapatham takes place as per Agama symbolizing the successful conduct of the nine-day mega religious event at Tirumala.


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