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‘After T Formation, RTC Staff Salaries Hiked by 67 %, Funds Given Rose by 597 %’


Hyderabad: The TS RTC is incurring a loss of Rs.1200 crores every year.  After Telangana State was formed, the salaries of RTC employees have gone up by 67 per cent, while the funds provided to RTC were hiked by 600 per cent.  While a total of  Rs.712 crores was given to the RTC from the Budgets from 2009-10 to  2013-14,  after Telangana was formed , a total of  Rs.4253.35 crores was given to RTC from 2014-15, till 26-9-2019.  This may sound surprising, but it was a fact.

           While the income of RTC was Rs.4,882 crores a year, the  expenditure was Rs.5,811 crores.  Rs.850 crore additional funds were given to RTC, over and above the amounts  allocated in the Budgets. 

These figures were highlighted today   by a Telugu daily, Namasthe Telangana.  The report asked whether it was proper for the employees to go on strike during festival season, which will fetch considerable revenue.  It said that ultimately, it is the workers who will be put to losses.  It said that while the private buses are running in profits, the RTC  buses were running in losses.

Is Govt Lacking in  Public  Relations

       The newspaper  said in spite of all these facts, employees Unions were on strike and the Unions were playing with the lives of employees and workers. 

        (On seeing the report, one feels why the State Government had not come out with these facts when the Unions started the Strike, and why the Government had failed to put these facts before the public, so that the people could have correct assessment of the situation. One wonders why the Government was keeping silent, while the opposition parties were making several accusations against the Government and the Chief Minister KCR.) 


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